We are a 9 year old travel agency, based in Mangalore, Karnataka, India. We named ourselves after the famous temple town of Kateel, near Mangalore, in South Karnataka. The reigning deity here is Durga Parmeshwari.

We haven’t come this far, as if walking in a dream. We’ve studied the market, you, travel and travel destinations and understood what you, our end user, wants and will not tolerate.

Ultimately, it’s all about you.

And that’s what has helped us create customized travel packages topped with comfort and quality. And yes, we go with your needs by throwing in a little more fun so that you can enjoy your time out more. And all this while keeping an eagle eye on the budget.

We also ensure that you have access to all your needs while you travel as our customers. This has made an enormous difference to us and has fostered a great relationship between us.

You are our No. 1 Priority

And because you are at the center of our being, we chose not to be an unexceptional travel operator. Oh no. We take time to understand your singular needs and work closely with you to be sure we’re laying the foundation for a whole host of happy travel experiences.

We put ourselves in your shoes and ensure that we give you more than what you bargain for and are happy with what you go home with.

Our mesmerizing destinations aren’t all we offer. We also offer you a lifetime of professional relationships that you will hold dear forever.

You are important to us and we make sure that you feel that throughout the journey. Our plans are crafted to offer exciting experiences that last a lifetime.



Holiday Packages

We put together packages so that you have ample time to enjoy all the sights on your trip.

Bridal cars

Brightly decorated luxury cars with all the amenities for the most special day of your life.

Honeymoon Packages

Your Honeymoon is a once in lifetime experience and we have packages that are made just for that.

Hotel reservations

Need hotel reservations at the last minute? No worries, just let us know and we’ll get it done for you.

Vehicle Hire

Taxi/cab/van services in an around Mangalore including airport pickup/drop and sightseeing.

Car rentals

Car rentals for daylong use. Great for group/family outings.